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Handwritten Testimonial

Dear Staff at Mitchell Safehouse

Lately I have had some time to reflect on these past several months. With all that has happened it left me feeling overwhelmed and useless. In my battle with all the negatives I somehow lost perspective of seeing all the positives. I didn’t see how far I have come always pushing to feel safe and happy with myself. This past week has shown me.

I am no longer in a negative environment. I’m surrounded by so many compassionate and supporting people, I have my two beloved cats in an apt. (home) that is mine. I know that I am hardworking and have a strong determination to live and make a better person out of myself and also now have a chance for a great future!

With your kindness and support I have learned to believe and trust! That I am no longer lost, as I for so long truly thought I was! I am now on the path that was chosen for me and I am truly thankful to you for the help you gave in getting me here!

Thank you God bless and keep you!
Former Shelter Resident

Handwritten Testimonial

A very special thanks to the Mitchell Area Safehouse. Words could never express the respect, gratitude and thanks I have for you. I can’t believe it has been over a year that I have gone to your support group for abused women. One year ago my 2 children & I left the 14 year abusive relationship with my husband and stayed at the Shelter. It was not easy for me as I had no idea what to expect on how my kids, husband, family or community would react. But the day we came I felt such an unbelievable amount of Love, Concern & Security with a real home atmosphere.

I knew the road ahead of me was going to be long and uncertain. But you helped me sort thru my feelings, was always there for me when I was scared or in doubt. Helped me with the necessary steps needed to go on with my life. Let me be my own person. Helped me regain some of my self-esteem. To be more open instead of holding everything inside. To realize the kids and I can make it on our own, if we so choose. All the things I was told for so long was not possible, you helped make possible. You made the kids & I feel very special, made us feel like family. You never made us feel like just another caseload. But real people with real feelings.

I feel as though God placed you there to be our own personal Guardian Angels, to help guide us and make our own decisions. I could never repay you for all that you have done for us and continue to do so. The weekly support group still means so much to the kids and I, as sometimes in everyday life whether it be schoolmates, friends, family, relationships we still tend to allow people to hurt us or take advantage of us. But the weekly sharing with one another & supporting each other gives us confidence to go on with our life.

Former Shelter Resident
Support Group Participant

Handwritten Testimonial

An abuser is controlling--makes you feel like you are not worth anything. You can’t do anything right and puts enough fear into you that it makes it hard to leave. A lot of time leaving is not something you can do on your own, because you don’t feel strong enough or you are afraid of what he might do.

That is why we need to make our police officers and public more aware of how an abuser thinks and also acts and what help is available, or where to go to get help.

I am so grateful to be able to come to the Safehouse. The staff are very caring women that know that things are not going to be all right over night but that you are beginning a healing that is going to take some time. They are there to help you with your needs in a safe place, so you are not in danger as you are starting to build a new life.

The information and support you get from the staff is outstanding. It is so great to have a place to go to be safe, where the staff knows what your opinions are and can help you achieve your goals.

Shelter Resident

I am not a person who is easy to get to know and understand.
          I need to let go…I won’t be accepted by everyone that I’d wish would.

I am emotionally complex and extremely sensitive but disinclined to show it.
          I need to let go…and not hide the feeling that flood my mind.

I have been hurt and I’m cautious and mistrustful.
          I need to let go…and risk that I can still live being hurt and trust again.

I have strong gut reactions, and believe that I am correct most of the time.
          I need to let go…and laugh at my beliefs most of the time.

I have difficulty expressing why I feel as I do and defending my positions.
          I need to let go…and learn to communicate and not blame.

I have a powerful need for deep emotional involvement from those I love.
          I need to let go…and accept love is a two way street and I don’t drive both cars.

I am possessive and jealous of anyone or anything that I perceive as a threat to me.
          I need to let go…and realize I can’t have it my way when it’s not my call.

I expect complete loyalty in my relationships.
          I need to let go…and realize my expectations are just that.

Separation is extremely painful for me, and often stormy and nasty.
          I need to let go…and learn to live alone and fight the nasty demon inside.

I am not inclined to turn the other cheek and retaliate if at all possible.
          I need to let go…and learn to not carry on a lost fight or continue a war that’s over.

I don’t forget an injury and harbor grievances and resentments for a long, long time.
          I need to let go…I need to learn the value of not living in bitter yesterdays.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easily to me.

Former Batterer
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Shelter: (605) 996-2765  •  Hotline: (605) 996-4440  •  Visitation Center: 605-996-8880

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