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Volunteer Newsletter
September 2019
“Together we can break the silence and empower lives”

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Shelter and Family Visitation Center Stats:
Year to Date

Breaking the Silence – Empowering Lives
In Shelter:                  Adults: 61       Children: 62
Drop- In Services:     Adults: 325     Children: 258
Crisis Hotline Calls: 788
Family Visitation Center – Families Served: 42

Part-Time Family Visitation Monitor Specialist
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Full-Time Mitchell Area Safehouse and Family Visitation Center
Executive Director

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 Upcoming Events:
Domestic Violence Awareness Month starts October 1st.  Domestic violence occurs in every community, and it can only be addressed when everyone is involved. October is our month to take action and to stand up to domestic violence!!  
Holiday Spirit
Friday, December 6th,
Highland Mall
*Services  *Stories    *Successes:
We asked one of our volunteers to share her volunteer experience. 
   I had a wonderful volunteer experience with the Mitchell Area Safehouse in the summer of 2019.  A university level course that I took over the summer required 20 hours of service learning at a non-profit organization.  My background in ob/gyn sonography made the Safehouse’s mission of special interest to me.  On many occasions, I have dealt with women in similar situations and even have worked with women from the shelter as they go through a pregnancy with a non-supportive significant other.  What has resounded with me the most, as I reflect on my shadow experience, is how so many of the women are caught in this ugly cycle.  These women want better for themselves and their children but their life experiences have made every step of a better life so difficult.  Much of my hours were spent at the shelter visiting with the women and playing with the children.  It felt so good to reach out to the women and make connections.  They were especially interested in how I was going back to school, furthering my education.  I felt like my story gave some of them a glimmer of hope.  I hope they found my time with them to be a blessing.  I am sure that I learned more from them than they ever realized!
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